Buttered Puto Recipe

Buttered Puto is a variety of the well known steamed rice cake, Puto. This steamed little cakes are normally eaten as treat yet most really like to have them during breakfast (with sweltering espresso or chocolate) or mid-evening nibble (typically eaten with dinuguan or blood stew). Assuming you are searching for a simple puto recipe that you can follow, this is an ideal one for you.


This Puto recipe utilizes conventional flour, rather than rice flour or ground rice. This makes this recipe more straightforward to plan. Moreover, different fixings utilized in this recipe are normal to the point that you could find them in any supermarket.

You will see that I was involving vivid plastic molds in the video. I got them from the Philippines — in the swap meet. These molds are difficult to come by beyond the Philippines, yet I attempted to probe comparative items and the best that I found online were the Silicone Small scale Squeeze Bowls. As a matter of fact, these are surprisingly better on the grounds that these are made of silicon which implies that it can endure high measure of intensity.

Attempt this delightful Buttered Puto Recipe.

Ube Halaya is a sort of Filipino Sweet produced using purple sweet potato. There are many approaches to setting up this dish. Some Ube halaya adaptation utilizes consolidated milk to cook the sweet potato with, while others rely upon coconut milk. This rendition just purposes 3 significant fixings: purple sweet potato, coconut milk, and sugar. Despite the fact that it sounds truly easy to get ready (which is valid), the result is something that you ought to anticipate.

Ube Halaya Recipe

Ube Halaya can be eaten for what it’s worth for dessert. It is sweet and has a thick tacky surface. It is likewise one of the elements of a most loved Filipino Summer Treat called Radiance corona. I appreciate ube halaya either without help from anyone else, with radiance corona (its ideal during warm climate), and at some point I eat it as a spread. I top it on saltine wafers and nibble on it. What about you, how would you eat your ube halaya?

Assuming you will allude to the recipe underneath, you’ll see the way simple it is to make your own Ube Halaya dish. Notwithstanding, I want to encourage you to be somewhat quiet with regards to blending the combination until it gets thick. It required close to 25 minutes to get my desired surface. This implies that I need to mix consistently to keep the blend from staying on the lower part of the pot.

I just recalled how I preferred this with cold leche flan. I eat this by consolidating both the halaya and leche flan in a spoon (and it is actually a spoon full) and chomp on it. It’s truly yummy!!!

Ube Halaya in Llanera

Attempt this Straightforward Ube Halaya Recipe. Tell me your thought process

Saging con Hielo is a straightforward sweet that I like to have during late spring. It is essentially “minatamis na saging” (banana with caramel sauce) finished off with shaved ice and milk.

Saging con Hielo

It is fast and simple to make saging con hielo. You will simply have to cook the banana in caramel sauce ensuring that it gets adequately delicate to eat, then, at that point, let it cool down and top with shaved ice and milk. This recipe is really great for fledglings too since there are no convoluted advances included.

Attempt this Saging con Hielo Recipe. Tell me your thought process.

A Jam Roll is a cake made of dainty sheets of wipe cake. Different kinds of Jams or Sticks are spread on this cake before it gets rolled-up. Jam Rolls are otherwise called Swiss Rolls.

Jam Roll

Kids love Jam Rolls. This is certainly a success to the youthful (and the youthful on the most fundamental level). Assuming you love Peanut Butter and Jam sandwich, strawberry jam sandwich, or any sandwich with jams, you will doubtlessly adore Jam Roll.

Making yourself a Jam Roll isn’t just hard. In spite of the fact that, you ought to be know all about the essential parts of making a cake like blending, collapsing, and baking, prior to attempting this recipe. I prescribe you to allude to our video in making Brazo de Mercedes so you will be know all about the strategies and methods. Concerning the intricacy, Jam Roll is simpler to make contrasted with Brazo de Mercedes.

I like Jam Roll since I love wipe cakes and jams. Having Jam Roll resembles eating a wipe cake with Jam spread. I appreciate eating Jam Roll while tasting hot green tea.

Attempt this Jam Roll Recipe and send me your input.

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